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Evelyn McCorristin Peters: 12.2010

Evelyn McCorristin Peters

Fine art for everyone


Wishing everyone peace, love, hope and tolerance in the year to come. Thank you so much for your support in 2009!

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Meylah's Marketplace is Here!

The wait is over, Meylah's Marketplace has arrived!
December 9, 2010

 A terrific new place to purchase wonderful handmade gifts! There's even digital file downloads and tutorials! Make sure to visit and support this new venue! (oh yes, you could visit my store too! Evelyn McCPeters Art!)




A Special Thank You

A few words from Snow White...
 Hi all,

Many of you I have never, nor will ever meet, but you helped me.  What a change.  I went from a bad place where I had lived for several years, to a wonderful cozy home with a mom who loves me dearly.  My medical issues were many and costly.  You all, some thousands of miles away, contributed so my doctors could be paid.  Nice people.

Yesterday I dodged a bullet.  Remember that big ugly bump I had on my side?  Although the lab said it was okay, my doctor and another expert thought it was odd because normally tumors this big are very bad.  It was sent to Colorado State University where it was examined.  Gosh it took a long time to hear back from them, but yesterday we learned that the tumor was not bad and my chances of having a long life went way up!  Such good news!  My mom will need to keep a close eye on my scars and another tiny little bump to make sure nothing strange happens, but my doctor is very optimistic about my future.

I am not quite out of the woods, but I am headed in the right direction.  This Thursday I start my treatment for heart worms.  I heard it kind of hurts for a while, but once the worms are gone my heart will be good as new.  The entire treatment will take two months.

I will update you again soon.  Thank you all for caring about a white, deaf boxer nobody wanted. 

When you dream of a white Christmas, think of me.  ;)


Snow White XO

A special thanks to those who visited Barking Dog Creations this past weekend and made a purchase. Although it's a small amount $35.00, every little bit helps the boxers in need.