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How to Care for Oil Paintings

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Evelyn McCorristin Peters: How to Care for Oil Paintings

Evelyn McCorristin Peters

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How to Care for Oil Paintings

You just bought a beautiful oil what?
How to care for original oil paintings
by Evelyn McCorristin Peters
November 12, 2010

"Plane Trees of Albi II" by Evelyn McCorristin Peters 2010
    As an artist I want to make sure that those who purchase my paintings know how to take care of them. They remain a piece of me when they move on and I want to ensure they stay healthy! So here are a few very simple guidelines to follow. 

  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade your artwork. No matter what protection an artist places on thier final work, paint colors fade in light, it's just a fact. So make sure you keep this in mind when placing your new painting.
  • Never lean the canvas on a sharp or pointed object, this will stretch and distort the canvas. If you have to lean your painting somewhere ensure that the stretcher bars are what is resting on the surface.
  • Dust your painting with a dry, soft cloth. Never use cleaning solvents on your painting. Many artists either varnish their paintings or will offer to do so at the purchaser's request. Varnish can enhance the painting but this is a matter of personal preference. Varnish will protect the surface from cracking under normal conditions. 
  • Never expose your painting to extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Humidity is also not good for a painting.
  • If something happens to your painting, do not try to repair it yourself, take it to a professional, you will be glad you did.
  • And lastly if for some reason you no longer can keep your painting and are unable to give it away, contact the artist, they will be happy to take it off your hands. It is also a good idea to contact the artist if the work changes possession...we like to know where our work goes!
These are very simple guidelines, if you have any other questions, contact the artist, they will be more than happy to help you!



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