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Evelyn McCorristin Peters: A Lovely Bunch of Bananas

Evelyn McCorristin Peters

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A Lovely Bunch of Bananas

"A Lovely Bunch of Bananas" Evelyn McCorristin Peters
Growing my own, another form of the "new normal" lifestyle
by Evelyn McCorristin Peters
November 15, 2010
This lovely bunch came from my friend's backyard tree. I've planted several trees myself now along with orange, grapefruit, persimmon, mulberry, papaya, mango, and avocado. I will have grapefruit and oranges real soon! It is so wonderful to grow your own fruits and vegetables!

I also have jalepenos, green and red peppers, radishes, broccoli, I love broccoli, have ten of them planted! Oregano, basil, tarragon, thyme are also dill. Tomatoes are green and growing!

This is a great resource for my "new normal" way of living. But to be honest it's something I've always done, just love to grow! Which is evident from the 3000 palms I have growing in our five acre field! If we don't manage to sell them some day I figure we could have a really cool maze for Halloween!

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Blogger brigittemarie said...

OH my goodness! I am so jealous of your giant garden. WOW. At least I can grow herbs on my apartment windowsills! I think gardening is very artistic in its own right. And you get to eat the finished product :)

November 17, 2010 at 3:14 PM  

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